Returning to work? Rejus can assist you with your plans to return to the workplace post National LOCKDOWN

by Rejus, 19th March 2021
Returning to work? Rejus can assist you with your plans to return to the workplace post National LOCKDOWN

Option One
Sanitising Workstations

A2 display boards showing a clear process for regular cleaning. The process will be Pull, Spray Wipe and Bin - simple instructions for all ages to follow ensuring you keep both staff and pupils protected from the day to day viruses as well as the Corona virus. Complete with dispensers.

The board will have two dispensers one to hold a 400 metre paper centre feed and one to dispense the product Clini Clean to a foam direct onto the paper towel. The staff and visitors will follow the simple process as detailed on the board. We propose using clear bags for the discarded paper towels avoiding mixed waste at the stations. We also can supply these for you.

The product going into the stations would be as follows: Clini Clean

This will disinfect, deodorise and remove stubborn dirt in one application. This product kills a wide range of bacteria and is safe for use on walls, work surfaces, floors, and all hard surfaces. It is recommended for use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Centres, Clinics, Schools, Sports Clubs, Swimming Pools, Washrooms, Offices, and all other areas where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Option 2
Full SANITISATION clean and ongoing touchpoint cleaning

We can carry out a full sanitisation clean to prepare your building in preparation for your staff and visitors return. We also offer a full thorough clean of your carpets as part of this service.

We also can provide an ongoing touchpoint cleaning service continually throughout the day whilst your staff and visitors are using your building, keeping it sanitised all day.

Option 3

We can provide for you tubs or packets of sanitising wipes meeting ISO standards of 80% alcohol. The average wipe size is 20x20 cm.

Currently we have secured a provider producing exclusively for Rejus clients on an ongoing basis giving us the ability to meet any demand for our clients for this product. Please see below the two options of product available.

  • 1 x Tub x 500 wipes
  • 1 x packet x200 wipes

Option 4
Professional Decontamination of air – using ozone technology

Some strains of bacteria can build up a resistance to certain chemicals or disinfectants, Ozone on the other hand kills bacteria within split seconds and Kills 99.999% of Viruses and Bacteria.

We can offer you to purchase a unit or the complete service to come and do the decontamination for you.

The advantage of using an airborne decontamination unit is that it touches all surfaces. Under desk, under sides of cabinets, cracks in furniture, phones, keypads, everywhere where air can get, the ozone gets. This gives you the best assurances of clearance.

Once we have completed the ozone treatment the rooms can be immediately re-occupied.

If you choose to purchase the unit, it is a Viro Safe Ozone Sanitiser Deacon Unit which uses Ozone technology a powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial agent, found to be effective against bacteria, Fungai, viruses, protozoa and bacterial fungal spores.

The anti-microbial activity of ozone is based on its strong oxidising effect which causes damage to the fatty acids in the cells membrane.

Some strains of bacteria can actually build up a resistance to certain chemicals or disinfectants. Ozone on the other hand kills bacteria within split seconds by a process known as cell lysing. Ozone molecularly ruptures the cellular membrane, disperses the cells cytoplasm and makes reactivation impossible. Because of this, micro-organisms cannot develop ozone resistant strains.

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