Re-assurance that your working areas are decontaminated, clear and safe to a clinical level.

Cleaning is the process where all the obvious dirt on equipment and surfaces is removed. Decontamination, on the other hand, reduces or removes contamination due to harmful substances or infectious organisms, bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.

Decontamination services should be carried out regularly in order to ensure that all devices and surfaces are free from microbes that cause infection, especially within the current extreme environment of Covid-19. Once completed as part of our two stage process, this will provide a clean sterile environment for your workforce or home.

Two-step process

We recommend a two-step process, a deep clean followed by ozone technology, to ensure a clean and safe work area.

Frequency of treatment would be highlighted in the risk assessment for each specific environment.

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Step 1. Deep Clean

A team of qualified and trained cleaners, having undertaken a risk assessment and agreed an appropriate method statement for the risk levels, will undertake a thorough and detailed clean of your premises, from the ceilings to the floor, ensuring contents are moved to access all surfaces that may contain germs, virus, and dust and dirt. The clean will be undertaken using the latest approved chemicals, known to kill the most virulent viruses. Example of a basic clean:

  • Clean all light fittings and ventilations grills.
  • All window surfaces and frames, partitions, and all associated fixing furniture.
  • Clear and clean all cabinets, draws etc, and replace.
  • All surfaces, desks, chairs, wall boards, pictures frames.
  • All surfaces in kitchens and toilets, including ovens, hand driers, toilet roll holders.
  • Undertake high temperature and disinfectant of all carpet tiles, and safety flooring.

Step 2. Ozone Technology

We will then carry out a process throughout your building using approved technology to decontaminate the environment using ozone technology and make your working environment clean and safe to a Clinical Level – providing peace of mind.

Ozone treatment, emits ozone to the air and circulates it through the workplace killing all known viruses it comes into contact with. It is the most powerful chemical free disinfectant. Any surface exposed to the air, is exposed to ozone, underside of desks, chairs, in the narrowest of spaces normally inaccessible.

We can also take swab analysis before and after our works, and provide certification if required.

We have a solution, whether that’s our on-site cleaning and decontamination service, or supply of appropriate chemicals and equipment.

virosafe ozone technology

Ozone Technology kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria & viruses.

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