Our unique process enables Rejus to robustly quality assure its work and gives our client’s the reassurance that we are delivering their core needs. It also allows for the Client to be involved within the process to foster and build relationships.

The process is based around our Bespoke electronic KPI system to audit each service delivered by Rejus. This can be tailored to each site we work on making it bespoke to each client. We monitor the work delivered and the client can score this based on evidence at the time of audit.

We can also monitor and audit our own staff to ensure we are delivering our core values to our teams and ensuring all our workforce is supported and continually trained.

There is also an Initial pre audit actioned on the system which identifies all client compliance requirements and specific needs, the process includes KPI reviews and regular, scheduled client meetings. This also can assist the clients as evidence to support their own health & safety compliance.
Our KPIs also pick up compliance, HS, and environmental issues to ensure a safe workplace.

We take care of your building so you can take care of your business.

  • Bespoke electronic KPIs
  • Electronic audit
  • Monitoring of all work in one place
  • Scheduled KPI Reviews to meet the requirements of the Contract.


Our Client Portal

Keeping you updated with ongoing works, while providing you with an easy way to keep track of important documents and completed KPI's, this easy to use online portal is designed with our clients in mind. Get in touch with our expert facilities management team to discuss the portal further or to enquire about the needs of your business.

Facilities Management Client Portal

Screenshot of the client portal.

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