Some of the sectors we work within

Below are the sectors we provide facilities management, cleaning services, and building projects to. We have over 20 years experience across a wide range of sectors including industrial warehouses, shops, airports and schools.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our professionals. We provide bespoke fully managed services to look after every element of your building.

Transport & Logistics

Rejus have been providing Facilities Management to the Transport & Logistics industry for over 20 years. One of our most recent major clients was global logistics giant GEODIS.

We've cleaned and provided one off specialist services to their Doncaster based distribution centre. Logistics businesses require all properties across the country to meet their company-wide standard, allowing for smooth and consistent operations across all centres.



Having worked with retail clients across the South Yorkshire region for over 2 decades, we understand the ins and outs of keeping every type of shop running.

Recently we worked with several clients that were part of the popular Doncaster Lakeside Shopping Outlet. We were brought in to ensure that these clients had air conditioning up to standard as part of increased standards from the Shopping Village managers. 



We provide cleaning contracts and ad-hoc building maintenance to Schools across the UK, helping to create the optimal learning environment for students across the country.

We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary providing daily cleaning for Hill House School in Doncaster. This cleaning encompasses all areas of the school, including the classrooms, hallways, and specialists cleans for the kitchen and bathroom areas.



Alongside working with subcontractors to provide the best bespoke construction works possible, we also work with construction companies to provide quick and efficient builders cleans.

For example, we provided a short notice builders clean for Ivoltz following their works at Shaw Wood Academy. This was a short notice cleaning that needed to be completed in time for the school's reopening. We can provide similar emergency works for our clients.


Commercial Facilities Management

Over two decades of providing building maintenance, cleaning services, and bespoke construction projects to commercial clients have provided us experience with every type of building imaginable.

We can provide fully managed services for all your maintenance needs, in the building and on your grounds. Our works assist commercial clients in becoming compliant with statutory regulations. We've provided these bespoke services to buildings of all sizes to clients across the country.



Churches and cathedral require specialist cleaning and care to avoid damaging old stone and the often antique ecclesiastical furniture inside. We've also provided repairs and maintenance to the exterior of many stone buildings up and down the country.

We're proud to have been the exclusive contract cleaners for the popular landmark York Minster across several years. This included ad-hoc cleans and contract cleaning of often up to 7 days a week.


Leisure Centres

Rejus have been providing maintenance services to the Sports & Leisure industry for over 20 years. Often large buildings that are limited on the amount of downtime they can have, our clients require quick services that often need specialist equipment.

One of our biggest clients is the Doncaster Leisure Trust (DCLT), with the various ad-hoc services we provide to The Dome in Doncaster. We've fostered a strong relationship with DCLT that has seen Rejus win multiple contracts for cleaning and maintenance works.



Rejus are able to provide bespoke facilities management works to the aviation industry and related businesses. All encompassing contracts work in different areas of aviation buildings to keep the sector running smoothly. 

This includes aviation manufacturers, suppliers, and of course airports themselves. Due to heavy footfall of both staff and the public, these buildings often require frequent contract cleaning in order to stay fully functional. 


Industrial Facilities Mangement

Industrial maintenance and cleaning require specialist equipment and intensive training. The works are carried out by qualified staff, working to keep your buildings operating at the most efficient level possible.  

Fully managed services ensure that your company stays fully informed of all operations, and plans are kept in place to ensure minimal disruption. Training on safety procedures keeps our staff safe and gives you that extra peace of mind.


Healthcare Facilities

Rejus have been providing our services to the healthcare industry and related businesses across our years' operating in South Yorkshire. Extra care and specialist products are often required, with special attention needed to keep downtime to a minimum.

We recently helped Sexual Health Clinic Solutions 4 Health open their doors to the public. Part of this required handling the electrical works for the new site. In the meantime, we were providing regular contracted cleaning to their temporary location. 


Bespoke services for commercial and industrial clients


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