6 Reasons Why You Need Professional Window Cleaning

by Rejus, 13th January 2022

If you own a business or commercial building, then you should understand the importance of the different maintenance practices that best suit your building. This includes inspections, carpet cleaning, and gutter cleaning, etc. It appears most businesses grasp these straightforward requirements....

However, an area of maintenance that is important but commonly overlooked for public buildings is regular window cleaning. Window cleaning services are beneficial for commercial buildings for a variety of reasons.

From aesthetic to practical, read on for our 6 top reasons why your building needs professional window cleaning.

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1. Make a Good Impression

One of the best ways to make a good impression on clients and staffs is by maintaining a clean and welcoming environment within your building.

Having a clean and tidy workspace is noticed almost immediately by visitors. Window cleaning and the above-mentioned carpet cleaning is a straightforward first step.

Keeping your windows consistently clean will help improve the look of your building for visitors. Clean windows will improve the aesthetic appearance of your building inside and outside, while creating a more comfortable atmosphere inside.

One way this improves the interior of your office is buy allowing in more natural light….

2. Let in Natural Light

Natural light is commonly understood to be more beneficial and comforting to people. It increases productivity and focus, while improving the overall “feel” of your office space.

Over time your windows accumulate dirt, insects, and debris that can cover your windows and either reduce or block out natural light. Once dirt begins to accumulate it gathers even quicker and gets harder to clean.

A professional window cleaning company uses the best cleaning products and methods in the industry to completely remove the dirt and debris from your windows and improve the appearance of your building inside and out.

3. Stop Bugs and Dirt Gathering

Bugs and dirt gathering have a clear aesthetic and practical consequence for your building, so having them cleaned is a clear necessity.

If you go too long without having your windows cleaned, it doesn’t take long for unwanted guests to gather.

One unwanted guest we’ve dealt with multiple times is bees and hornets. Nests often begin to form along screens or behind shutters. A professional window clean can get rid of pests you didn’t even know were there. When this does become a more obvious problem, we can take care of that to.

On top of this, wasps, ladybugs, and spiders are common pests that can also gather around your windows.

Having bugs of any kind gathering around a commercial window is off putting and obstructing in a number of ways. Professional window cleaning is used properly wipe the bugs away, alongside any mess they leave behind. Protect your property and your people

4. Prevent Damage to Your Window

Preventing cracks or stains to your window, and of course making it easier to identify when there’s a problem.

A build up of dirt and grime increases the odds of cracks forming, and the resulting build up of trapped water may cause further problems.

One such problem is the build of mould, which develops and thrives in warm, wet places.

Preventing these issues will naturally extends the lifespan of your windows, saving you money in the long run.

A building's windows are often neglected, but windows that are kept clean and maintained last longer than those that aren’t. During a proper commercial window cleaning, your windows will be cleaned of dirt, mould and corrosive substances that can eat away at your windows sealing and weaken the integrity of your glass. 

5. Prevent Damage to Your Building

Any gathering of dirt and grime is likely to have the knock-on effect of building up moss or ice. This can spread or cause issues to the walls, interior, or foundations of your building. Consider with this the impact of built-up rainwater and the resulting water damage. It’s similar to the considerations around gutter cleaning.

If your commercial building is built with concrete, there is another concern. Regular professional window cleaning becomes even more important when you consider the extra care needed to protect concrete or all stone.

Some of the minerals used in manufacturing concrete expel out of the concrete walls over time and slowly streak down the wall over any windows in its path. Have mineral streaks and hard stains removed my a professional to save you the hassle.

Regular commercial window cleaning services will keep your windows free of unwanted matter that can spread.

6. Clean Hard to Reach Windows

We’ve discussed the quality associated with a professional window cleaning, but there is an important practice element to be considered.

Alongside this is the clear health and safety benefit of using professionals. We use a sophisticated pole system to reach every floor of your commercial building. This gives Rejus an advantage over amateur ladder cleaning, which creates unnecessary health & safety risks, and can often be more expensive for that very reason.

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