Cleaning Contract won at NHS Yorkshire Smoke Free

by Rejus, 30th May 2022

Rejus has previously worked for the NHS, and we’re proud to announce we’ve once more won a contract to provide services for one of their buildings. Shortly we’ll be starting a contracted cleaning schedule at the Yorkshire Smoke Free location in Doncaster.

Located on Scot Lane in the heart of the city centre, Yorkshire Smoke Free provides advice on resources to help the community quit smoking. They reached out to us early May to ask Rejus to quote for various cleaning services, including the above-mentioned contract cleaning.

Rejus were happy to provide our support and quoted the institution a years contract for daily cleaning. The service will aid in keeping the location safe, hygienic, and presentable for staff and the public.

Alongside this, we have agreed to provide bi-monthly window cleaning and ad-hoc washroom services, including Feminine Hygiene Units. The window cleaning will be both internal and external, and our team will also clean the doors and signage, helping the building to stay presentable on the high street.

NHS Smoke Free accepted the proposed contract and works will begin shortly.

Click here to learn more about out cleaning services.

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