How Businesses Should be Taking Care of Their Carpets

by Rejus, 15th November 2021


As our Service of the Month for last month was Carpet Cleaning, so we’re going to take this opportunity to explain the better method companies need to be using on their floors.

The Carpet Cleaning Problem

There is a difference between the type of carpets used in homes and the type of carpets used in offices and schools. Domestic carpets are often thicker in comparison to the carpet tiles found in offices. These two variations of carpets require different solutions.

Correct carpet cleaning is an issue of moisture.

The right equipment needs to be used to ensure that moisture in the carpets does not either get trapped, or just drag the dirt up to the surface following the use of regular cleaning equipment.

blog-inset-half-carpet-machine.png Texatherm Rotary Machine
The carpet cleaning equipment we use ensures that the carpet is clean and dry within an hour, meaning your office can get back to business as soon as possible with minimal disruption. As we approach winter the need to reduce disruption as much as possible is going to be a key concern on many people's minds. With that in mind it's also important consider the ongoing damage  happening to carpets as leaves, mud and ice are being dragged into your office or school. All this contributes to the pressing need for a complete cleaning service that companies will soon face. It should be reassuring that there are possible solutions available designed with the idea of reducing disruption to businesses.

This is part of what makes the specialist rotary device perfect for the job, a business can have their carpets cleaned through the day and let work carry on as normal with a refreshed carpet. In comparison  cleaning wand’s often spray water to prime the surface for cleaning,  spreading the dirt further on thin carpet tiles. Dirt and water often soak through to the bottom layer, taking longer for the carpet to dry and only having an impact on the top most layer.

On ordinary domestic carpets the standard carpet cleaning wand or equivalent should do the trick, but for the typical commercial carpet tiles a special type of machine is utilised to create an efficient system that uses minimal moisture on thick carpets.

Our Solution

Rejus use Texatherm’s Gear Driven Rotary Machine, designed to drag and wipe the moisture and dirt from thinner carpets. The Rotary Machine operates with a thick cleaning pad heated in water to 70 degrees, attached to a rotary before ‘buffing’ the thin carpet tiles. The cleaning pad absorbs the dirt as the operative leads the machine across the office floor. Quickly drying, it’s an ideal process for any time of the day.


Additional cleaning equipment for our carpet cleaning 

Before the rotary device is used, carpets are primed with specialist carpet cleaning spray that leaves no lingering chemical trace. Another element that makes the equipment perfect for day to day use in a workplace environment.
This process and the sophisticated chemicals involved ensure that carpet tiles can be cleaned efficiently using a minimal amount of water. For example, the cleaning pads are soaked in boiling water as part of the heating process, but are then drained of the water before being attached to the device.

Compare this to spray method of the standard wand device, showing that the wastage involved in the process and the lingering effect on the carpet is not necessary. Rejus supports Texatherm's dedication to innovating a sector of the cleaning industry which often stagnates and refuses to grow. Their carefully designed equipment is functioning for carpets, upholstery and hard floors. The flexibility across different surfaces has positioned the equipment as a market leader, the kind of product that Rejus strives to stay up to date with.

The current Texatherm equipment was created from a desire to find solutions to the clear problems with commercial carpet cleaning.
In their own words Texatherm states that;
"There has never been one method or cleaning machine available that would clean the vast array of carpets and upholstery fabrics available today...our company’s next natural progression was to produce such a machine"

With this in mind it's easy to see how the current model devloped from a string of innovations designed to address current problems with the industry. Still a relatively recent approach to carpet cleaning, we've noticed that some companies who approach us appear to have an old fashioned mindset to carpet cleaning.

Some companies may have become comfortable with just having their cleaning operatives only vacuum on a regular basis, but this is a temporary and surface level solution. To have carpets be at both their most presentable and most sanitary, proper devices from trained professionals need to be implemented on a semi-regular basis.
Our solution is cost effective and efficient, using a product that was devloped over the years to match customer concerns as they were reported. Don't give your carpets compromise.

To learn more about our carpet cleaning service click here. We'll soon be releasing an instruction video which goes into more detail on our carpet cleaning process. This will first be published to our carpet cleaning page.

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