Mayor Announces Free Parking in Doncaster Town Centre Hotspots

by Rejus, 19th July 2021
Mayor Announces Free Parking in Doncaster Town Centre Hotspots

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones has announced a 3-month trial period for free parking in a bid to boost the economy as we come out of lockdown.  This change comes into effect shortly following July 19th's “freedom day” and may involve further changes to council run car parks.

From August 1st till October 31st free parking will be available at Markets and St. George’s car park from 2pm onwards.

While addressing the full council, Mayor Jones stated that;

“Whilst we undertake this three-month trial, we will be fully reviewing all our parking arrangements and charges for the town centre.”

This means that parking in the town centre should be undergoing further positive changes in the coming months, with the Mayor also confirming that Chappell Drive car park will provide free all day parking on Saturdays.

car-park-blog.png                                               Market Place Car Park, Doncaster. Source: Doncaster Free Press

In addition to these changes, council run car parks and on-street pay & display areas will continue to be free on Sundays. Free parking facilities are also still available for residents and businesses in areas such as Mexborough and Thorne.

Rejus is always in support of increased accessibility to businesses. We previously told you about Doncaster Council partnering with ShopAppy, allowing a one stop shop experience for local businesses. This time, we’re happy to see increased accessibility for brick-and-mortar stores, showing that Doncaster council is not wanting to leave the high-street behind.

Mayor Jones went on to say;

“Our high-streets and town centres need all the support that we can provide, it is up to us as elected officials to support and promote our local businesses and our local high-streets.”

As part of this trial period, the council has also stated they will be taking a “closer look” at the pricing of authority-run car parks in the borough.

Support for businesses and the local community should be high on the priority list as we emerge from lockdown, ensuring that the adjustment process in the following months will have a positive impact on the economy.

We plan on brining you more news relevant to businesses in South Yorkshire and the surrounding area, follow our Social Media to stay up to date.


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