Rejus Assists XP School With Emergency Replacement Cleaners

by Rejus, 18th July 2021
Rejus Assists XP School With Emergency Replacement Cleaners

Early in July we were contacted by XP School in Doncaster who told us that staff members being ill meant they had a minimal team during the very early hours of the morning. A swift response from Rejus and the dedication of our substitute staff and management team meant that XP had replacement cleaners that same night.

Staff being off with various illnesses meant that XP School Trust's usual team was short staffed. 

When it comes to finding substitute staff, night shifts are a difficult time to find replacements for. Reduced availability greatly narrows down the potential pool of candidates that can fill in on-site.

Our Cleaning Director and Area Manager John Harper worked tirelessly over the next hour to find replacements for XP. In the end 5 substitute operatives were used to cover 51 hours over 7 days.

The use of different shifts according to staff availability were used to make sure XP could operate as normal.

Cat Blair, Spokeswoman for XP School, Stated;

“At XP School we found ourselves 3 cleaners down overnight this month. Rejus were our first port of call and they had us sorted within the hour. We wouldn’t have managed without them!

We know that any time we have any issues, questions or worries that Rejus are just the other end of a phone and are always more than happy to help.

Thank you!”

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