Rejus Cleans Up at the Races

by Rejus, 27th August 2021

rejus-racecourse-cover.pngOverview of the popular Doncaster Racecourse. Credit:

We cleaned up after the stars at Doncaster Racecourse last week, The Racecourse requested our help as a last-minute substitution after being let down by their usual contractors. Rejus responded in less than 24 hours and our cleaners did a fantastic job with the celebrity guest accommodation following the event.

Saturday 14th August saw Doncaster Races play host to Live After Racing, with special guest Jess Glynne. A fantastic day out for visitors, but a lot of work and headaches for Doncaster Racecourse.

The responsibilities piled up after the organisation was let down by another facilities management company. Rejus was happy to step in with an efficient response, relieving some of the headache that goes in to organising an event of this size.

The previous night we also cleaned the main event halls and the surrounding walkway at short notice, as Doncaster Racecourse had also been let down in these areas.

On the Saturday a team of 6 staff worked from 6:00pm to 1 1:30pm in the main Lazarus events hall to ensure all toilets were cleaned and maintained, and to ensure that all rubbish on floors and in bins was removed as part of our Waste Management services. A clean was then carried out to make sure the whole area looked neat and tidy ready for subsequent visitors.

We had less than 24 hours’ notice to pull the teams together and due to our excellent staff who always step up to support us, we were able to deliver to a company in a difficult and pressured situation.

Cleaning Director Angie James commented;

"A big thank you to all the staff who made sure Rejus Ltd could and did deliver excellent service to ensure that once again Rejus are the go to company who will short notice...try to fullfil all our existing and potential new clients expectations, whatever they may be. We respond with professionalism and expertise, from the management to our staff on the front line."

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