Rejus Partners With Highland Carbon on the Path to Net Zero

by Rejus, 27th March 2023

As a Facilities Management company, we have been hard at work increasing our efforts to become sustainable, with the end goal of being reaching carbon neutral across all our operations. Rejus are very proud to announce they have achieved net zero on scope 1 and 2 of company operations.

Rejus Director Mat Lynds and Highland Carbon Founder Richard Clarke

Rejus have gone as far as we can by investing approximately £50,000 into improving energy efficiency at our head office. The company invested heavily in reducing the carbon on those aspects we could, and we continue to push hard monitoring and altering operations, so resulting required carbon off set was kept to a minimum.

Learn more about the progress Rejus have made to be sustainable by reading our initial announcement article here.

Efforts to increase sustainability have included investing in a 34kw Solar Array at the Doncaster head office for 10 years. An achievement that has both contributed to reducing the carbon emission of the company and has saved us money on energy costs over the past decade. What was a simple business decision at the time, ended up being the first major step down a path of increased sustainability.

Through Business Doncaster, Rejus had a carbon footprint report done under the Decarbonisation Grant Scheme. We can report that this was an excellent piece of work by EMS Sheffield, which came up with a plan and advice on further reducing waste and carbon emissions. Rejus are net zero through the further energy efficiency measures we have taken.

Motivated by the impact of the solar panels and many other investments into our operation, these have been further sensible low-cost actions. Progressing from these efforts, Rejus have moved to improve our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and began searching for a company to work with to help partake in carbon offsetting projects.

We have carefully selected our partner and went with the Doncaster-based Highland Carbon.

This is a business have previously won “Best UK Wide offsetting units’ supplier” in 2021 and 2022 from the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Rejus are highlighting two key reasons for partnering with Highland Carbon. Firstly, they are supporting a business local to their home base in Doncaster, and secondly, because of the reputation of founder Richard Clarke being highly knowledgeable and making great strides for sustainability.

At this stage we have surpassed what we need to do to offset the carbon we are producing. Plans are also in place to go further with Highland Carbon and invest in nature and biodiversity of the fantastic Scottish Highlands, with similar opportunities locally.

To support our CSR efforts, Rejus have but together a page on the website to track carbon offsetting projects and charity work, aiming to keep visitors to the website fully informed. This transparency is seen as a key step in increasing sustainability efforts. You can view the page here: Rejus Social Responsibility.

Speaking on these recent efforts, Rejus director Mathew Lynds stated:

“Being aware of our impact on the environment, locally, and its global impact is something all businesses cannot ignore…we must personally commit as business owners to doing what's right for future generations, for those people around the world who are suffering because of the effects of our warming climate.

The conclusion, when you look ahead, is that Government will force this one way or another. My advice is to take action now, develop a plan, invest in the plan in small incremental steps, get ahead of the curve."

We aim to keep you updated with further developments, and the above linked CSR page and the Rejus blog will help keep website visitors informed.