Rejus Provides Same Day Response to Beta Security Risk

by Rejus, 15th October 2021

We we’re contacted at the end of the working day last Friday by Beta Technology who informed us they were unable to lock up due to a damaged window, we responded that same day to resolve the issue.


While attempting to lock up Friday evening, Beta discovered the security risk, and contacted Rejus to assist. Operations Manager John Hope personally visited the site after regular working hours to address the security concern.

As you can see in the image provided, bends in the mechanism had caused the window to hang low off its own frame. The damage made it impossible to shut normally, meaning that Beta were unable to carry out a full lock up in time for the weekend.

Beta’s account manager John Hope was on site as soon as possible, managing to work out a temporary fix for the badly damaged windows.

The mechanisms themselves were too damaged for an immediate solution to be implemented then, but the Rejus team was able to force the window shut, secure the mechanisms, and lock the window.

The operation took just under two hours from when Rejus were first contacted, and a permanent solution to fix the windows was planned that same day.

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