Rejus Wins Contract to Provide Cable Tray Cleaning for Multinational Retail Conglomerate

by Rejus, 16th September 2021

blog-medium-cable-tray.pngExample of a Dusty Cable Tray. Photo Credit: Santeri Viinamäki. 

A preventative measure for fire safety, Rejus will provide cable tray cleaning for the Doncaster warehouse of a popular retail chain. Rejus will use top of the range equipment to ensure a high standard of fire safety, always happy to provide such an important facilities management service.

The Cable Tray is a valuable part of a warehouse set up, allowing for versatile and safe options for running cables throughout buildings of every size. The important piece of equipment does come with some risks attached, and the large multinational conglomerate has recently identified fire risks of the equipment related to dust.

Thin layers of small and dry dust are a large fire risk for warehouses and distribution centres, with concerns rising over recent years following a significant incident involving dusty cable trays. Now a regular service for all fire safe warehouses, Rejus is proud to provide this service.

To carry the works out safely, Rejus will be employing the use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Consisting of a working platform on an extending mechanical structure, the MEWPs will provide our Facilities Management team a safe and efficient method to reach the cable trays.

Following the identification of the potential risk, it has been determined that this service will have to be carried out across all of the company’s warehouses every two years, and we recommend that other companies with such properties begin to consider this as part of their own safety procedures.

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