Rejus Wins Esteemed Cleaning Contract with Leading Global Logistics Services Provider

by Rejus, 27th September 2021


Geodis, who recently established a brand-new logistics facility in Doncaster, recently asked Rejus to quote for cleaning of their brand-new distribution centre. We won the contract and works begin at the end of September.

The works will be carried out on a regular basis at Geodis’ Doncaster-based “Big Shed” and will involve multiple teams of cleaners taking care of the facility 17 hours a day. This scheduling will ensure cleaners are on site before, during, and immediately after the typical working day, playing our part in keeping the warehouse running smoothly and keeping staff and visitors safe.

"Big Shed" refers to a large warehouse used as a storage facility or distribution centre. Rejus has developed a speciality in taking care of warehouses of all sizes across two decades of experience. We've built a wealth of knowledge in selecting the right cleaners, accompanied by the appropriate training, scheduling, supervision, and 'top of the line' equipment, to suit the warehouse or facility.

Geodis, being a leading name in warehouse logistics and storage, is going to require a high-quality cleaning solution in order to keep their facility at a high level of cleanliness and efficiency. Rejus happy to take on a project of any size, even to this scale, always ready to provide our fully managed services to ensure the operations of such a large organisation to run as smooth as possible.

To learn more about our Warehouse Cleaning services, click here.

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