Rejus Wins Multiple Air Conditioning Contracts Across a Popular Retail Park

by Rejus, 31st May 2022

Lakeside Shopping Village

Lakeside Shopping Village, the popular Doncaster retail park, recently had a push to certify the air conditioning for all their shops as we approach Summer. Rejus was on hand to provide the required maintenance and certificates for some of the buildings, including the head office.

We’ve been working with Lakeside management company Realm for multiple years now, providing air conditioning maintenance alongside other Facilities Management (FM) services. These additional  works include PA Testing, plumbing, heating, and roller shutter door repairs.

As stated above, it became necessary as we approached summer to ensure that all shops across the busy retail park had appropriate cooling where necessary.

For example, Double Two, the Yorkshire formal and casual wear brand, enquired with Rejus to maintain the air conditioning at their Lakeside Village location. Having supplied various shops at Doncaster Lakeside with facilities management works already, we were referred to Double Two to handle the urgently needed maintenance.

The process for this kind of planned maintenance, at any commercial location, includes inspecting the equipment at least once year, checking the coils, circuits, filters, fans and casing to look for needed repairs. Also involved in the process is operational checks and cleaning of all equipment involved, preventing deterioration, and keeping the AC working at peak efficiency. These works are carried out by trained and certified staff, and the servicing contributes towards the building being compliant with statutory regulations.

Following an on-site visit from Operations Manager John Hope, Rejus quoted for 12 months and won the contract, adding to our list of stores at the local retail park.

We’ve recently also won air conditioning service contracts with other stores across Doncaster Lakeside. These include Lakeside Furniture Direct, ladies fashion outlet Roman, and homeware store Cook & Dine. Alongside this, we've provide various FM works to furniture store Bedeck at the Lakeside location and others.

Works have already begun to provide planned maintenance, repairs and some EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report) to Lakeside Shopping Centre.

We look forward to continuing our work with Realm and the various shops.

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