Restoring a Beautiful Manor House: The Progress So Far

by Rejus, 4th August 2021

Sheffield House Restoration

We're working on restoring a fantastic house in Sheffield, so it'll function as a family home once more. The impressive project has been ongoing across the summer, and the images we've captured so far are more than worth sharing. We'd like to share with you this rare opportunity to get a look behind the scenes of a complex restoration project.

The restoration project ongoing in Sheffield is focused on restoring the home while maintaining the original stone, respecting the heritage of the building. Working with project manager Simon Hollis, the complex project involves the restoration and refurbishment of every room within the old house, using materials such as lime plaster and limecrete to best suit the stately manor house. 

Rejus Director Mathew Lynds has been on site for most of the journey. In a statement on social media, he said;

"Rejus are working on a beautiful listed building in Sheffield, returning it to a fantastic family home.

We're using traditional materials and techniques, such as a limecrete heated basement floor and lime plaster, to preserve the integrity of the original stone.

A real pleasure to be on this project with such a great team!"

Below is a selection of fascinating images he's taken on site.


Preparing for Limecrete flooring

House restoration floor

Underfloor heating being laid

House restoration underfloor heating.png

Refurbishment in the works

House restoration example

Walls and floors to be restored


Plastering Before and After #1

House restoration plastering #1

Plastering Before and After #2



We'll keep updating this article with images as we continue, and we'll show more details after the project is done.

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