Same Day Call Out for Leak Uncovers Rodent Problem

by Rejus, 14th April 2022

Pipe after rodent chewing damage

We recently received a request to fix a leak that seemingly appeared at random. Responding that same day, Rejus discovered that the client had developed a preventable rodent problem. An infestation prevention plan could have saved the company the cost of pipe repair and replacing damaged carpets and wallpaper.

As of writing, the request came in this morning, and is already in the process of being resolved. Rejus Operations Manager John Hope visited with our team earlier today, discovering that the customer was suffering from a bad rodent problem that had been discretely developing.

The above photo shows a piece of damaged corner pipe, which has been notably effected by prolonged chewing by rodents. Rodents which could have been detected and removed via a rodent prevention plan.

Such a prevention plan costs companies a price in the hundreds of pounds as the recommended quarterly pest control service. It's even possible to quickly organise an individual inspection to ensure that you're not currently suffering a hidden rodent infestation. The cost of such a service pales in comparison to the thousands of pounds that your company could be spending on potential damaged plumbing or electricals. Even more can be spent if plumbing leaks to the interior of your building and causes water damage.

This was the case for the above referenced customer, who suffered water damage to wallpaper and carpets as a result of the leak.

Rejus has already begun works to resolve the leaks, damaged, and to remove the infestation.

Don't delay, enquire as soon as possible about pest control here.