Sponsoring Doncaster Knights Cheerleaders

by Rejus, 1st October 2019

Rejus has sponsored the Doncaster Knights Cheerleaders for 10 years, and what an honour this has been.
The girls have progressed through the years having the opportunity to perform at match days for the championship team, making appearances on Sky Sports and not only that performing at events in and around the local area.

Rejus has made very generous donations to the cheerleaders in order for them to buy cheerleading kit, bows, mats and pom poms allowing them to grow into the club they have today. The club has around 35 cheerleaders ranging from age 6 to 20 with their latest news of announcing an adult squad who will also have Rejus as their sponsor. 

None of this is possible without the support of local business’s like ourselves supporting the youth of today, allowing them to grow as people and to learn skills that not only will help them achieve in later life but skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. It has been a great honour seeing the club grow to its today potential and we have the great opportunity to see them grow even further as the years progress. 

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