Symmetry: How Continuing Hand Sanitisation Practices Can Be Easy

by Rejus, 13th August 2021

Symmetry Station in Rejus Head OfficeA Symmetry hand sanitising station set up at Rejus head office 

Symmetry demonstrated a commitment to delivering its product range on a reliable and regular basis throughout the Pandemic, making it an easy choice for Rejus’ Product of the Month as people are now returning to the workplace. The user orientated design and hermetically sealed pouches make it a customer friendly option for us to spotlight.

Part of learning to live with the virus is the continuing use of PPE where appropriate, and using regular hand washing and hand sanitiser to keep your workspace and key touchpoints clean. Having sanitisers at entrance points and within close proximity of staff desks is a straightforward way your company can reduce risk of transmission. The maintaining of such precautions should go a long way in preventing another lockdown. 

Becasue of this, we decided that the most appropriate Product of the Month to present is a product designed to keep work areas sanitary with the user’s comfort in mind. With an accessible 180° lever and sanitising foam that’s friendly to your skin, every aspect of Symmetry has been designed with the user in mind.

symmetry promo image                                      Symmetry dispensers are designed with ease of use in mind.

No Contamination. No Dripping. Better Logic.

Symmetry is marketed with the slogan “No Contamination. No Dripping. Better Logic.” demonstrating the key selling points of such a unique take on hand sanitisation. The hermetically sealed bags allow for a guaranteed contaminate and leak free pouch.

We're committed to supplying these superior hand sanitisers manufactured with a user driven design in an ISO certified facility. Products contain a skin friendly ethanol solution and perform to the highest standard, being economically viable for 2500 shots per pouch. Symmetry has led the way with its innovative high standards of cleanliness for hand wash and sanitisers while remaining gentle on the skin, even with repeated use.

Make hand hygiene products readily available within the workplace to keep protecting your people, especially in high touchpoint and contact areas. Foam dispensers and soap are available with a user driven design and fantastic customisation options.

Currently being supplied in black or white, you have the option of adding your company’s logo and custom text to the dispenser. We understand the importance of branding and communication using the right message, even internally, so we’re thrilled to have these options available for you.

Using this innovative technology with your unique messaging will encourage hand hygiene around the office space, something Rejus is happy to be promoting, helping businesses adapt and move forward.

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