Tip of the Week: How Cleaning Can be Good for Your Mental Health

by Rejus, 7th January 2022


Tip of the Week – 2022 Week 1

Rejus is primarily a company that provides cleaning (among many other services) to commercial and industrial clients. However, in order to support the wider community, we’re going to use the knowledge collected over decades of experience to provide weekly advice for either cleaning or building maintenance.

7th January 2022: Cleaning

Let’s get the new year off to a great start.

Here’s some simple advice on how cleaning your house can be beneficial in more ways than just hygiene or aesthetics.

For a start, having a clean living space…

…Helps you focus

When you have ha cluttered or messy home, it’s understood that this makes it harder to focus. The negative impact on your ability to focus is partly due to the clutter limiting your brain’s ability to process information. In fact, researchers have discovered that people are less irritable, less distracted, and better able to process information when they have a clean and organised work area. Overall this makes the individual more productive.

Top tip: When you're having trouble focusing on a project, you may want to try decluttering your workspace first.

However, The best thing to do is take action before it’s needed. Take a little bit of time before you need to focus, just to clean your work area. Not only does this set the tone for the work you’re about to do, it’ll help you focus during the day.

Cleanliness Improves Your Mood

Although cleaning is a chore that people often dread, the emotional benefits of having completed the task far out way the stress that may be associated with it.

A clean hope may help reduce anxiety down the line, lead to better night’s sleep and make other tasks such as cooking more enjoyable and easier.

The more that clutter builds, the larger the anxiety associated with the task. Setting out a regular schedule or just jumping straight in to get it over with is removing a big mental obstacle.

The simplest explanation is that keeping a clean home affords the homeowner a feeling of control, which in turn reduces anxiety and stress.

Physical Health is Improved

As stated, clutter and the anxiety of cleaning can make it harder to sleep. Having a decluttered workspace and the higher chance of a better night’s sleep that comes with it can do wonders for both your mental and physical health.

As a direct benefit of cleaning, harmful bacteria is removed in the process which in turn protects you and yours family’s immune systems. Removing dust is also great for reducing allergies, leading to a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle overall.

Top tip: The exercise you get from cleaning you get from cleaning shouldn’t be ignored! You can burn around 100 – 200 calories per hour with rigorous cleaning.­

The improved rest and physical health in turn is great for a more positive outlook and your mental health.

Get Started

As mentioned above, the best way to get going is simply to get going.

Either start small and tick off a few small tasks each day or prioritize what large task needs to be taken care of first and start there. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. When tackling something large, it often helps to compartmentalize the chore into smaller tasks! This helps you get over the mental barrier of thinking that a job is too large to be tackled.

If you’re aim is to be a more organised person, then setting timers to keep to an allotted section of the day for cleaning will help. Scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly jobs will help you visualise and keep track of what needs to be done.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, scheduling and planning is the backbone of keeping organised, so trust us when we say we empathise with what a daunting task this can be.

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