Tip of the Week: Knowing Your Cleaning Products

by Rejus, 19th November 2021


Rejus is primarily a company that provides cleaning (among many other services) to commercial and industrial clients. However, in order to support the wider community, we’re going to use the knowledge collected over decades of experience to provide weekly advice for either cleaning or building maintenance.

Read on!

19th November 2021: Cleaning #1

Many commonly used cleaning products can be harmful to you and/or the cleaning surface if used incorrectly or mixed with other products.

  • For instance, never use vinegar on marble or stone floors, the acid will etch and dissolve the surface and remove the beautiful shine
  • Read all product labels and instructions prior to use. Cleaning products have instructions prior to use. Cleaning products have instructions and warning clearly labelled on the back.
  • For your health’s sake, read the warnings and instructions carefully, especially if it’s a new product that you’re using.
  • Search engines are your friend. A lot of expense can be saved by simply checking the products you're about to use with a quick search.
  • Time into research when first using a new product will save you a lot of time and hassle down the line.

Get the job done quicker, make your next day better, and go out to enjoy some leisure time!

-Angie James, Cleaning Director of Rejus Ltd.

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