Virosafe - Kills Viruses, Bacteria, Spores and Odours

by Rejus, 20th March 2020

Peace of Mind for your Workplace - Make your working environment clear and safe to a Clinical Level.

At this difficult and unprecedented time, when Covid 19 is causing such disruption and fear, we are offering you a way to provide peace of mind by decontaminating the working areas.

We've sourced a product which we believe will help you when considering the implications of exposure to the virus for staff, customers, friends and family, and the public at this difficult time.

One treatment provides a clean area. Frequency of treatment would be down to the risk assessment for each specific environment, the machine is brought to your premises and for an average workplace will take around 1 Hour to treat.

Whilst we cannot control the spread of the virus we can provide assurance that the area is decontaminated, clear and safe to a clinical level.

Donation to Charity
Whilst we will have to charge for this service, we are prepared at this time to donate any profits from this service to Food Charities to help some of the most disadvantaged in these troubled times. In collaboration with yourselves, we would agree your preferred and specific charity.

 If you have any questions, please contact us or give us a call

 We wish you all well at this difficult time, always giving the best service we can in assisting and supporting you.

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