Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

by Rejus, 21st October 2021

Why is gutter cleaning important? Gutters get blocked easily... especially at this time of year. Leaves, twigs, moss etc. easily clog up your gutters and downpipes. For businesses, this might not rank high on the list of facilities management concerns, but when left too long this seemingly minor problem can turn into a major issue.

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What Happens?

Gutters are designed to collect and guide rainwater from the roof, avoiding the build-up of water and preventing potential structural damage. The water is drained away from your building, saving you the hassle that can be caused if left to build. The system is of course not flawless, and it’s easy for leaves and other debris to become stuck and trap water.

Clogged or damaged gutters can result in the usual process being interrupted. This harmful process takes effect with all common forms of guttering, including plastic, iron, and steel.

As leaves fall and rain becomes even more frequent, blockages for all these forms of guttering are bound to happen. Blockages run the risk of water building up in your gutters, causing leaks and water damage to your roof and building interior. We’re heading into the peak times for tree shedding, and there’s some key concerns to keep in mind.

Key Concerns

As the gutter become blocked, water begins to build on the roof and overflow to the sides of the building. This is likely to lead to water damage across the building. Water damage from an excess of rainwater can range from mould and rot to unseen leaks that can permeate into the internal walls and even the foundations.

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Alongside this, as winter approaches, it’s important to consider how the build-up of ice can cause an issue to get even worse. Frozen water in gutters is unfortunately a very likely outcome of leaving them unattended. The water expands as it freezes, causing severe damage to your gutters and downpipes.

Another concern to be wary of is moss. Over time trapped leaves decompose and lead to the forming of moss and algae. We’ve all seen images of overgrown plantation on otherwise normal buildings, and it doesn’t take long for this process to take effect. The moss quickly spreads back to the roof tiles that the gutters were meant to protect. The moss retains water, and your roof will be unable to dry properly. Not only does the prolonged exposure to the rainwater cause water damage, this is another issue which is aggravated in the winter. 

The trapped water becomes ice, damaging your roof as it expands. This is a good example of how this simple service can go a long way to preventing a domino effect of worse and worse issues.

Make sure your gutters are taken care of now to avoid company downtime and more expensive problems later.

Our Solution

If you're concerned you may already be experiencing clogged or damaged gutters, we can identify problems before they happen and work to fix the issue. Rejus uses an innovative gutter vac technology, attached to a pole and camera set up.

Our pole and camera system allows Rejus to thoroughly and safely clean the gutters of all foliage and debris, while checking the pipes for any existing damage. The gutter vac technology cleanly removes leaves from the pipes without causing structural damage or aggravating any existing issues. Our method is low risk and cost effective, as it does not require the equipment or safety precautions needed for reaching the pipes by hand.

This system allows for the efficient removal of all potential causes of future disruptions, from leaves stuck to the pipes to already forming blockages.

Get it Sorted ASAP

We already provide our quick and efficient gutter cleaning services to clients across South Yorkshire, and we have the capacity to reach far and wide to help out you and your business.

As part of a bespoke maintenance package or as an individual service, we can provide you regular gutter cleaning to keep your building protected and prevent any downtime. If you're dealing with damaged pipes already, we can also help you out. We'll fix or replace the gutters, and you have the option of having us clean the gutters in the future to prevent the issue repeating.

To learn more about gutter cleaning, you can visit our page here.

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