7 Reasons Why Your Carpets Need a Regular Deep Clean

by Rejus, 23rd November 2021

Carpets are an important part of any workspace. They not only add aesthetics, but also provide comfort for your staff and visitors They are a necessary part of any office layout for a variety of reasons, ranging from insulation to ambience.

As necessary and important as they are, they can also be a hotbed of bacteria, dust, and mould, leading to trapped odours, wear & tear, an unpleasant office aesthetic, and more. Read on to find out why your workspace needs professional carpet cleaning.


How should carpets in offices be cleaned?

The carpets you find in businesses are different than the ones you find at home. Not only are the carpets usually tiled, but they’re also usually a lot thinner.

Vacuuming is a simple but effective way to clean the carpets. It takes care a lot of the surface dust and dirt, while also improving how it looks. However, just vacuuming is not quite enough, dirt, and moisture can become trapped below the outermost layer of the carpet. They require regular deep cleaning to keep their condition up to a high standard. This requires a much stronger piece of equipment.

Deep cleaning and the handling of the equipment involved is something that should be done by professionals. It removes the hardest to reach dirt, dust, and debris that might be stuck in the carpet fibres, and professional cleaning services will maintain a high standard that saves you the headache of planning and organisation.

It's important to consider when a deep cleaning for carpets may be important. Consider at what times of year dirt is most likely to be dragged into the office, or if any kind of construction project or refurbishment is happenign in or around the building. 

Learn more about our unique carpet cleaning process here.

Why is carpet cleaning necessary for my business?

 1. Saving You Money

Let’s address this right away. Carpets can be expensive. Having to change them regularly as wear and tear builds can significantly drain your finances. However, if they are cleaned regularly, then they don’t need to be changed as frequently. Here we can see a long-term benefit, look after your carpets properly and you’ll increase its' lifespan...

2. Increasing Your Carpets Lifespan

Keeping carpets clean is the first step to increase the longevity of the carpets. It's important to consider how trapped dirt and water can fester within the carpet, even causing the spread of mould. Excess build-up of dust can cause carpets to lose their softness, cause permanent stains, and make the carpets more vulnerable to wear. This will cause you to unnecessarily have to replace your carpet more frequently. 

Cleaning carpets thoroughly and regularly increases your chances of a better carpet lifespan that gets you your money's worth.

3. You’re taking the first step to a complete cleaning schedule

The first step’s always the hardest, we’ve found that clients are often unsure of what areas of their office cleaning or maintenance need to take priority. Carpet cleaning is a straightforward principle, we all get it, and understanding the benefits listed here gives you a straightforward insight into why it’s so important. Once you have us on site to discuss carpet cleaning, we’re more than happy to work with you in talking through other areas of the office that you’re concerned about.

A complete cleaning schedule is there to provide peace of mind, focusing on keeping your office, school, warehouse etc. looking great. Carpet Cleaning is the perfect jumping off point.

4. Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria

Unclean carpets are an extremely conducive environment for harmful bacteria and even mould to flourish in. This can cause numerous health concerns and can be detrimental for the safety of your office workers.

Getting the carpets deep cleaned by experts is a solid way of lessening the impact of these potential hazards, making the office a much safer place to work in. We've all recently learned the importance of ensuring the workspace is clean and disinfected, and we shouldn't let standards slip as we work to return to normalcy.

5. Your Office Will Smell Nicer

It's easy for odours to get trapped in your offices carpet. Dusty carpets can have a stale odour that will not be well received in an office environment. In turn, this odour can lead to office dissatisfaction.

Getting your carpets cleaned should take care of this odour and enhances the overall positive environment of the workspace.

6. Your Office Will Look Nicer

The aesthetic benefit of a cleaner carpet should not be dismissed. No matter how clean other areas of the office workspace are, a unkempt carpet can easily ruin this. Stained and dirty carpets can make an office look very unappealing, and even reflect poorly on the business itself. Not only will professionally cleaned carpets have that aesthetic benefit, but it'll also create a much better first impressions for clients and other visitors.

The visual benefits are clear. Cleaning carpets is extremely important to maintain good aesthetics in the workspace, creating an appealing atmosphere for employees, and reflect much better on the business itself. Using a professional service that aim to bring the office environment up to a universal high standard is that extra step needed.

7. Keep that Warranty

Though this may not apply to everyone, it's something important to consider for the future. Many carpet providers require at least two professional carpet deep cleans a year in order to keep the warranty for your carpet. Again, we go back to the idea of doing what we can to relieve that extra stress for your business. We provide evidence of your carpets being cleaned, allowing you to prepare for a worst-case scenario. 

Cost effective Carpet Cleaning for your business

Whether you require an ad hoc deep clean or a more regular cleaning service, Rejus has the equipment and the experience to keep your carpets free of stains and looking brand new.

We also offer a whole range of commercial cleaning solutions, including office cleaning, school cleaning, warehouse cleaning, and a further range of commercial and industrial sectors. We also provide other specialist cleaning, including window cleaning and gutter cleaning. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke maintenance package that best suits your business. 

Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning services here.



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